CCW Caged Chaos 2 Poster

CCW Caged Chaos 2

January 27, 2018
A.C. Brase Arena
Cape Girardeau, Mo

All matches were held inside a steel cage.

  • CCW Tag Team Championship
    The Pinnacle (Hollis Giroux and Matheus) (C) (w/ Jeff O'Dell and Bagboy Courtney) def. The L.A. Hustlers, Mikey McFinnegan and Marko Stunt, and Aaron Clay and Blaster via pinfall at 19:25 in a 4-team tornado match.
    The match began with two men in the ring. Then, every two minutes, a new competitor entered the ring until all eight men were in the ring.
    The Pinnacle was elated at Marko's entrance, but he entered the ring by climbing the outside of the cage and diving off onto Matheus, turning on The Pinnacle and revealing himself to be McFinnegan's tag team partner.
    After the match, McFinnegan and Stunt made their tag team official. Stunt issued a warning to The Pinnacle that they're coming for the Tag Team Championship.
  • MWR Missouri Championship
    "The" Ace Hawkins (C) def. Otis Crowley via pinfall at 9:52.
    Both men brawled outside the ring before the bell.
    During the match, a man in a pig mask and dressed as Jacksyn Crowley came to ringside and beckoned Otis Crowley out of the ring. As Crowley stepped through the opening, the man in the mask slammed the cage door in Crowley's face, allowing Hawkins to finish off Crowley for the win.
    After the match, the man unmasked, and Hawkins revealed him to be Adrian Surge, Hawkins' very own monster. They continued to beat down Crowley before returning to the locker room area. When Crowley recovered, he put on Surge's discarded pig mask and left the arena.
  • Van "The Man" Van Horn (w/ Jeff O'Dell and Bagboy Courtney) def. "Sexy" Sarge O'Riley via cage escape at 12:15. Van Horn used the door to escape the cage.
    During the match, Van Horn handcuffed O'Riley to the bottom rope, facilitating his easy escape from the cage.
    After the match, O'Riley petitioned the CCW fans and CCW management for another match with Van Horn AND Jeff O'Dell. ANY match.
  • CCW Women's Championship
    Diamond Doll (w/ Jeff O'Dell and Bagboy Courtney) def. Little Bit (C) via pinfall at 11:16 to become the new CCW Women's Champion.
    Before the match, Jeff O'Dell and Courtney stood in the entryway and introduced Little Bit's former ally, Diamond Doll, as her opponent.
    After the match, Diamond Doll and The Pinnacle were poised to inflict a serious injury on Little Bit's already worked-over leg, but Sarah Summers ran to the ring to make the save.
  • CCW General Manager Osby Tomlin (w/ R.V.) def. Brandon "Espy" Espinosa via cage escape at 15:39. Tomlin used the door to escape the cage.
    During the match, Tomlin appeared to injure his knee after missing a move off the top rope. Referee Lane Austin pleaded with Tomlin to let him stop the match, but Tomlin insisted it continue. Bishop Cage came to ringside to check on Tomlin with R.V. Cage then attacked Espinosa, and Tomlin popped up and escaped the cage, his injury apparently a ruse.
  • Dell Tucker (w/ Jeff O'Dell and Bagboy Courtney) vs. Brandon Barbwire ended in a draw at 12:53 when Tucker escaped the cage through the door at the same time that Barbwire escaped the cage by climbing over the top. CCW referees could not determine a definite winner.
    During the match, Jeff O'Dell and Courtney were thrown out of the arena after O'Dell slammed the cage door in Barbwire's face.
    After the match, Barbwire vowed to overcome any obstacle to become CCW Champion again before the end of 2018.
  • CCW Championship
    "Best of the Best" Austin Lane (C) def. Justin "The Juice" Smart via submission at 8:32.
    Wrestling legend Jerry Lynn served as special guest referee for the match. This match could only be won via pinfall or submission.
    During the match, Bishop Cage came to ringside and placed a table in the ring for Smart. Later, Cage tried to climb the cage to interfere, but was knocked to the floor by Lynn. Lane would go on to splash Smart through the table from the top of the cage.